It’s always a good idea to have a packet of spicy munchies – whether it’s for chillin’ on the couch, hungry guests or a little treat for yourself, there is always a reason to indulge in some spicy snacks.

Our snacks are made from a prime selection of ingredients and air fry to achieve that delightful crunch without the extra calories. For those who love a wild spicy ride (for your tastebuds), we have 3 different levels of spiciness so you get to choose how hot you like your bites to be.

Naughty set


Jolly Set


Potato Chips


Chilli Crab



Spicy Garlic


Mild Spicy Fish Skin


Super Spicy Fish Skin


Crazy Spicy Fish Skin


Mild Spicy Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips


Super Spicy Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips


Crazy Spicy Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips


Scallop Man


Prawn Star



Green Peas