As a brand that is passionate about spice, Mala Mala believes in bringing not just great tasting snacks into your life – we want to spice up your tastebuds in life. We recognise the importance of living your passions – embracing the spirit and devotion of the motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated. This is what Mala Mala stands for.

Featuring The Débutante – “In a time when ‘passion’ has almost become a frivolous word & works against the artist’s survival, we are reminded by each other & the grace of those around us why we stay on the path less traveled. Passion for us is channeling our energy, time, & emotions into this thing we believe in against all ‘logic.’ We are so fortunate that dancing, creating, & sharing the stage together, have become this sacred thing in the midst of everything else we do, & it is this time & space that we will continue to preserve.”

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