As Singapore’s first homegrown mala brand, Mala Mala was created out of a passion for life. We challenge the conventional by reinterpreting the exotic flavors of Mala with a contemporary twist. 

When it comes to spicy, we never settle for less. As a connoisseur of all things spicy, close to two years of intense research and development was spent in order to find the impeccable blend of premium spices for our mala snacks. With Mala Mala, we treat your palate to the provocative Asian flavor that will leave your heart, not your tongue, on fire.

Mala Mala represents more than just a Singapore snack brand with good flavors. It embodies the belief and the chase of one’s dream, and never settling for second best. This is what spicy means to us, and this is our attitude.



We hold our products to the highest standard and only offer the very best. The finest ingredients down to their roots are chosen to undergo the stringent production process. The chips are painstakingly cut by hand so each piece is treated with the same care and attention. Our secret concoction of spices then coat each and every potato wedge and mushroom slice to culinary perfection.

To ensure every one of our mala fans has the optimal experience with our snacks, we have specially formulated 3 levels of spiciness. Your experience is entirely tailored to your preference and spice tolerance level – spiciness is an enjoyment to be savored. Made from traditional ingredients such as Szechuan chilies, peppercorn and star anise, our proprietary blend of spices is carefully crafted to give Mala Mala its distinctive spiciness.